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Slap Dee Finally Speaks Out On Y Celeb!!


Slap Dee Finally Speaks Out On Y Celeb!!

XYZ Entertainments’ heavyweight rapper, Slap Dee, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with DJ Pressure T, also known as PMC, on Prime TV. During the interview, Slap Dee addressed the topic of Y Celeb and shed light on why he never shared “Ulalya,” a song released by Y Celeb featuring him.

Slap Dee disclosed his discomfort with an incident where Y Celeb unexpectedly brought a dog onto the stage while he was performing. He expressed that Y Celeb’s behavior reflected excitement rather than professionalism, urging him to reconcile with those he may have wronged.

Regarding “Ulalya,” Slap Dee clarified that the song was initially intended for DJ V Jeezy’s album, featuring a Tanzanian rapper instead of Y Celeb. He emphasized that the song’s leak was an unexpected turn of events, indicating that he never collaborated directly with Y Celeb on that track.

Slap Dee’s insights provide clarity on the situation, highlighting the importance of professionalism and clear communication within the music industry.


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