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“Immediate Attention Required: UPND’s Imperative Task to Strengthen Party Structures”


UPND stands at a pivotal juncture, demanding immediate action and resolute decisions. The party’s success hinges on robust organizational prowess, a facet it currently lacks. The pressing need to overhaul its crumbling structures cannot be overstated, especially as the party eyes victory in the 2026 elections.

Revitalizing its nationwide party frameworks, now in a state of disarray, including the faltering secretariat, is imperative. These structures are not mere administrative limbs; they form the bedrock of the political machinery, particularly crucial for a governing party like UPND, entrusted with fulfilling its mandate.

Essentially, these structures serve as conduits linking leadership with grassroots communities, yet UPND has witnessed a distressing erosion of these critical networks across provinces. This decline highlights a stark neglect, seemingly attributed to Secretary-General Batuke Imenda and Deputy Gertrude Imende, raising questions about their efficacy or possible financial constraints. This disregard has sowed discontent among party members and significantly weakened UPND’s national presence.

Winning elections isn’t just about polling day; it commences at the grassroots level, where strong party structures originate. UPND’s understanding that the might of its national presence correlates directly with the solidity of its regional foundations is paramount.

Strengthening these structures, nurturing them in every corner of the nation, is the path forward for UPND. By empowering these local arms, the party can ensure its message resonates across diverse landscapes, even in regions traditionally outside its stronghold.

UPND must heed the lessons from the Patriotic Front (PF). The PF’s historical triumphs owed partly to its robust structures and tireless mobilization efforts. These structures didn’t fade into obscurity after elections; instead, they remained active partners in governance, a model UPND should consider adopting for sustained success.

UPND stands at a critical juncture that demands a swift adoption of effective strategies to reclaim lost ground and fortify its foundation. The current disarray within its structures poses a severe risk, fostering discontent and detachment among party members.

A disoriented and unsupported structure breeds discontent, undermining members’ sense of belonging. Strong and well-informed party frameworks not only cultivate loyalty but also present a unified front essential for success in elections. UPND’s task is to forge a cohesive network across all echelons, countering adversaries with a resounding and united stance.

Elections aren’t solely about policies but also about mobilization and strategic campaigning, an area where robust party structures play a pivotal role. The swift growth of Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party exemplifies this. UPND must emulate such successes, embarking on an urgent revitalization of its structures from grassroots to the national level.

Addressing internal rifts, listening to members’ grievances, and reinforcing the party’s presence in every political arena are indispensable steps. Moreover, financial resources are the lifeblood of politics. UPND’s leadership must wake up to this reality, actively mobilizing resources beyond relying solely on the party president.

Members need tangible reasons to fervently support and campaign for UPND. The days of empty promises are behind us; cash speaks volumes. While in government, UPND cannot excuse financial constraints. The party must mobilize resources transparently and ethically, fostering trust among its supporters.

Acknowledging that governance intertwines with financial backing, UPND should seek solid backers who benefit mutually, understanding that political support often comes with business opportunities.

Transparent financial practices are essential, showcasing accountability and upholding democratic values to maintain public trust.

The fate of UPND hangs on the immediate action of its leadership, particularly HH and the Secretary-General, to overhaul party structures and mobilization strategies. The urgency of this cannot be overstated.

Daimone Siulapwa, Editor-in-Chief of The Voice Newspaper, advocates for tribal unity and Citizen Economic Empowerment, welcoming feedback at dsiulapwa@gmail.com.


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