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“Sad News: Student at UNZA Passes Away After Falling from Roof”


“A tragic incident occurred at the University of Zambia, where a second-year student, Davis Nguni, aged 21, lost his life after falling from the rooftop of Block Africa.

It’s believed that the accident happened after he had been drinking beer with two friends. The Chelston police received a report of sudden death, which took place between 12:30 AM and 1:30 AM at the university.

The report was filed by the UNZASU President, Vincent Musilikani, aged 26. Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, confirmed that the incident occurred when the deceased lost his balance and fell from the rooftop.”

“Hamoonga reported that the Police Scenes of Crime officers visited the scene and noted that the building, Block Africa, is a four-story structure measuring approximately 35 to 40 meters. It was from this height that the deceased’s body was discovered, marked by bloodstains on the ground.

“Following the incident, the young man was rushed to Levy Mwanawansa General Hospital while still showing signs of life. Tragically, he was declared dead upon arrival,” Hamoonga revealed.

“The deceased’s body has been transferred from Levy Mwanawansa General Hospital to the University Teaching Hospital Mortuary, where it awaits a postmortem examination and final arrangements for burial,” Hamoonga continued.

“The student’s next of kin, who resides in Mongu, has been notified of the situation. After an initial inspection, it appears that the body sustained a fractured neck, with no visible external injuries, only bleeding from the nose and mouth,” Hamoonga added.”



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